Dr. Jay Facts of Life and Death

950: Number of grieving or terminally ill children and their siblings supported since May 2006

780: Number of classmates of grieving or terminally ill children seen so far this school year

4: Counselors working directly with children and their families

$1,800: The average cost of grief counseling for a child and his family

$0: Government funding for our Grief Counseling Program


The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation has been the primary supporter of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program.  The Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program supports children who are terminally ill or who are facing the loss of a parent or sibling, by giving them counseling that helps them to cope, before, during and after the death. This Program was created to fulfill an urgent, unmet need in our community. This is the only program of its kind in Canada and is entirely dependent on private funding.  Our counseling services are provided free of charge. Since 2006, the Program has received over 490 referrals and has supported over 950 grieving or terminally ill children and their siblings.

We are turning to you, our Friends of the Dr. Jay, to help us. We ask you to think of hundreds of families that we have been able to support. Now think of the ones that are waiting! Your generous gift today of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to donate will help us to eliminate this list.

Please help these children and their families by donating today. All donations go to fund the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program.

We thank you in advance for considering the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation when making your donations. We can't do what we do without your support.


Dr. Jay Bacher
Chairman of the Board and Founder
The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation