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This is the general donation page for the Dr. Jay Children's Charitable Foundation.

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Since its inception, the program has counseled and supported over 950 grieving or terminally ill children and their families. The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation is the main source of funding for The Children's Grief Counseling Program. This program is the only one of its kind in Canada, and is funded entirely by private donations. The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program provides this service free for all families who need it.

There are families in need in areas we can not afford to serve.
It is unconscionable that any child should not have access to services just because they are out of area. With your support we can hire more counsellors and serve more families. Please find it in your hearts to help us help the kids.

Our Goal: 100,000.00
Latest Donations
  • Kirby Chown - 75.00

  • Donaldson Law Clerk Services Inc. - 200.00

  • John Morrison - 250.00

  • The Metrick's

  • Cathy Bernatt - 100.00

  • Marsha & Howard Halpern

  • Phil & Ruth Jason - 75.00

  • Marty and Marlene Rochwerg

  • Aaron Brotman - 150.00

  • Morris Freedman

  • Helene and Elliott Wahle

  • The Solmons

  • Nina Mapara

  • AlarmForce - 250.00

  • Anat Cole

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